Crowdfunding Revealed

You have an idea but not the required funds. Age old problem. Isn’t it?

Traditionally we have VC’s, Angel Investors & Banks to help us out to get the funds. But their names itself bring the words ‘fear & impossible’ along with them.

We at IGNITE INTENT have found a solution to this and we call it CROWDFUNDING!!!!!

A no profit sharing, no stake sharing & definitely no documentation model to get the funds to bring your idea to life.


As the name suggests it is the crowd that helps in funding your idea.

In a nutshell, it is leveraging your network and audience for funds, awareness, and feedback. Crowdfunding is based on the belief that the power of many small contributions in aggregate can become significant.

So LITTLE MONEY from LOTS OF PEOPLE and Vella!! Your ideas get the necessary funds.

The concept plays on the belief that not many people who like you can cut a large cheque for your project, but they can support you with smaller amounts. So if you reach out to 1000 people for Rs. 500 each, it is likely that 500 people will actually give and there you can make 2.5 lakhs, quickly and easily.

  • Why do they Fund?


Rewards are what people who fund your Intents’ receive.

Rewards can be tangible or intangible, experiences or cool stuff.

Get innovative and engaging experiences bound in your rewards and make your funding much easier.

If you are a musician than you can play a song, make available DVD’s of your work, let them be a part of some of your exclusive collection, give them tickets of your launch event etc . The rewards give power to your network and offer the opportunity to influence the creative process and end results.

The Rewards list should read like a good restaurant menu. Every reward should be fun to read, should offer experiences and cool stuff and help adrenaline rush in the readers mind. Think of what experiences and cool stuff you can offer preferably related to your Intent on the site.

  • Who will Fund?

Your Netowrk.

Your friends (close and not so close), family (near and not so near), fans (with similar interests) and Futuristics (one who have eye to see the next big thing and a heart to support it).

These are set of people whom you know and they know you, they trust you, your idea & and your Intent. Make them aware of what you are doing and they will fund you.

This is no help. It’s simple give and take.

Get the word rolling and get the funds going for your intent.


  1. Funding – well that’s kind of obvious
  2. Fan/ Customer participation – people who fund for your intent will obviously talk about you and talk to you to get the best product out. An engaging and willing feedback model is set right through. What better than that!!!-
  3. Viral marketing – its like if I give money for something I will definitely talk about it to 5 others and get them interested in it. So what they call marketing is done not just by you but by all your supporters. That’s the POWER OF CROWD!!
  4. Celebrate success – Your supporters talk about your success and with time they make it even bigger than you would have ever thought of.

And now that you are interested in our idea, our INTENT, remember us as IGNITE INTENT, India’s 1st Crowdfunding platform.

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Do’s & Dont’s of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a way of getting your ideas, projects, events, movies, activities and your dreams funded through small funding from large number of people. Thus your friends, family and fan come together pitching in small small amount and thus making a big amount.

Ignite Intent being a Pioneer in the field in India it’s our duty to share our experience we have received through our successful crowdfunding projects.

Here is the list of Dos and Dont’s for any Crowdfunding project. Follow this and there are all the chances of you being successful in your initiative.


Keep the campaign short: Ignite Intent recommends a 30-45 day campaign for ideal results.

– Plan ahead of time: If your campaign is 45 days long, plan 45 days in advance. Keep in mind the timeline of your campaign – when will you post on Facebook, when will you send out emails, when do you want to send out press releases? Also plan out your finances before the campaign: people often forget about taxes and reward costs, among other things. If you factor in all of it before your campaign, you won’t run into monetary issues later.

Keep your Ignitors and followers Updated: People who fund a small amount at the beginning of your campaign are likely to fund more later on if you keep them updated and send them thank-you notes. Your success is their success.

Have a video for your campaign: Projects with videos are 2-3 times more successful than those without. Keep the video short, though, between 2-3 minutes.

– List out your funders: Categorise your funders into various heads ex: Teachers, Parents, Alumini, Corporates, Fans, Family etc. List down 10 potential initial funders in each category. Associate an average amount to each category. See what the total is and achieve 50-60% from this list in the initial stage itself. That’s how you plan for it.


– Treat crowdfunding like it’s a tip jar: Biggest mistake and #1 reason for failure of a campaign is thinking that money will come in just by putting it up. Planning a crowdfunding campaign is like planning an event, so how are you going to keep people excited about your project? It’s no Magic wand. It”s an idea which will work if hard work is put into it.

– Keep your supporters in the dark: Transparency is key to successful crowdfunding. Setting up the right expectations with rewards to informing donors what their money is going towards, make sure your supporters know what’s going on.

– Worry if you haven’t met your goal yet: Sometimes a third of the money can come in during the final stretch of the campaign. The first and last week are the two most important weeks of your campaign.

Six Steps to Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Although there is no template for a successful crowd funding campaign, there are a few tips you can follow to better the odds you’ll succeed. These comes out of success of Ignite Intent projects. We list a few here:

1) Perfect the Pitch

Never forget that you’re asking people to part with their money. Sure you’re going to give them something in return, but without a convincing pitch no one will have faith in your project. Don’t be afraid to let people know how much you need them. This means clearly stating your goal and how you plan to use the money.

2) Polish the Video

It’s absolutely necessary to make a video for your crowd funding campaign, because it will serve as the literally backbone, keeping everything in line. Don’t think you have access to a good camera? Think again! With the modern iPhone/Samsung capable of filming in 1080p you have no excuse not to make a video. After all, 50% of all campaigns with a video succeed, as opposed to 30% without videos. Use your video to clearly state your pitch.

3) Make Templates

Over the course of your campaign you’ll need to send e-mails and other forms of contact for various reasons. Whether you’re updating supporters, reaching out to the media, or simply answering questions each and every e-mail you send is an opportunity to make a connection and solve a problem. If you create multiple e-mail templates before your campaign even begins it will be a quick and easy, pain free experience to send them when the need arises. It’s important to stay in contact with your supporters so their level of excitement remains high and that they know you’re committed to the project. Nothing will kill your results faster than lacking passion.

4) Six Degrees of Separation

We’ve all heard the saying, so how does it apply to your campaign? Reaching out to friends and family is one thing, but making a connection and enlisting the support of influential people will make or break your campaign. It’s definitely in your best interest to compile a list of potential supporters before you launch your campaign. That way you’ll have a ready market to pitch to once the crowd funding campaign goes live. It’d also be wise to compile a list of people you’d like to reach out to, but don’t yet know, and plan a way to reach them.

5) Keep the Updates Coming

Let everyone know when your campaign is going to start. Let them know when it goes live. And update them on the progress along the way. You really need to understand that consistent updates are one key to success you cannot afford to pass on. Not only will this keep supporters interested but as milestones are met it will encourage them to share the campaign with their friends and family. Potentially helping you reach your goal quicker.

6) Thank every Ignitor

So someone has funded you? Do not forget him/her! Thank them and thank them ceremoniously. Send them Thank You post cards, put up a facebook update, twitter update and think of many more innovative ideas. This gives you an additional touch point and a way to tell the world how thankful you are for their support.

Power of Crowd … Through power of times


POWER OF CROWD –through power of times!!!!!!!!

What is the importance of society or community?

What is the meaning of team?

Why do we stick together to get things done?

Why we want to be democratic rather than autocratic?

Why is football bigger than golf or tennis?

Should we answer all these or its obvious. Power of crowd is bigger, better and smarter than the power of one.

Historically people have come together to get great things done be it freedom struggle or be it classic initiatives like publishing first Oxford Dictionary. Gandhi got together people to Dandi march for freedom and Mr. Frederick Furnivall got 800 volunteers together to read drafts and contribute to first version Oxford English dictionary.

Through times humans became more and more social, started naming himself as ‘social animal’ and realised that communities together can achieve so much more. They formed villages, towns, cities, states and county as societies of like minded people set together on a particular mission.

Ignite Intent sets to do the same. We are here to provide a platform/society for all creative, brave and innovative ideas. You can either upload your idea or be a part to nurture any interesting idea and rewrite history on your own. We give you a chance of not just being a part of history but to shape it!!!

Intent creator’s will set rewards for small amount of money that you will be willing to contribute in order to bring the idea into reality. Friends, family, fans and futuristics get together and show the world what they are capable of. No more banks, venture capitalist or angel investors are required to give you permission and tell you what to do.

Crowdfunding gives you total creative freedom and lets you to tell the world through your idea what you want to and not what others want you to!!!!!!

Ignite Intent is India’s first Crowdfunding website.

It’s a website of the people, by the people and for the people!!!!!!!!!! RELIVE DEMOCRACY